Hi, I’m Paul and I love filming weddings. Why do I do it? Well it is so amazing to be a part of such an important event and meet so many different people. I love making films out of these moments in life and it brings me great joy to hear from a couple how much the film means to them that I’ve created.

Want to know a bit more about me?

  • Born in London but moved to Manchester aged 11.
  • I love travelling. My bucket list place on Earth to travel to is Japan. My favourite place I’ve been so far is Iceland, a place I wish to revisit at least a few more times. I also like making films when travelling, some of which you can view below.
  • I’ve made some short films, including for some competitions and had one selected for a film competition in California!
  • If I could have one, possibly not going to happen, bucket list entry it’d be to see the Earth from space…
    I’m vegetarian and love making my own food, especially curries!
  • Film fanatic, with my favourites being The Matrix, The Dark Knight and Blade Runner. I love the direction of Nolan and presently one of my favourite directors is Denis Villeneuve.
  • I’ve recently got more into Anime and I love the work of Studio Ghibli, with Spirited Away being my favourite film.
  • PS5 Gamer … you’ll find me playing things like Final Fantasy 14, Resident Evil, Mass Effect and more!
  • My music tastes are quite eclectic, everything from electro, dance, rock and indie.
  • I like to read, with my favourite book series being His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. Also on my author list is Haruki Murakami.